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Weekend Coal News

May 20, 2023

U.S. to invest $38 million for carbon capture in North Dakota

U.S. Department of Energy is awarding $38 million to support carbon capture, utilization and storage at Rainbow Energy’s Coal Creek Station

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Coal country to carbon innovation

Wyoming rare earths discovery could be a game changer for US

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Power plants may soon go all in on carbon capture. But does it actually work?

In a remote field in Saskatchewan, not far from the border with North Dakota, the Boundary Dam coal power plant sends...

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Montana signs bill banning state agencies from analyzing climate impacts

Bill 971 comes as Montana courts are poised to consider how “clean and healthful environment” protections intersect with energy regulations

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Big Money Rushes Into Carbon Capture. Can it Deliver This Time?

From the US climate bill to the United Nations COP summit, leaders in government and business are pushing for the technology like never before.

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Australia Approves New Coal Mine After Pledges of Climate Action

Australia’s center-left Labor government has approved its first new coal mine since it came to power a year ago.

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Saskatchewan Coal Transition Centre

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